A downloadable game for Android

Space Adventure is a demo of my first mobile VR game!

This is a work in progress uploaded specifically for a game developer event. I will keep updating it as I make it into a full game! This means I will be adding a story mode, fix some bugs and hopefully finish this by the end of the year. Until that happens, please try it out, tell me how it is and most importantly- have fun!


Select and shoot with your magnetic button or by tapping your screen, depending on your gear. Avoid incoming asteroids by moving your headset, shooting works in the same fashion, aim your ship towards the direction you want to shoot, rather than tapping on what you want to fire. Though I will add some homing shots as alternate fire modes, too.

Known issues I'll iron out in the near future:

- No explosion animation for asteroids yet

- Limiting shot speed

Coming soon:

- Bosses

- Story events

- Power-ups for different abilities


Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) or above

Gyroscope in your phone

VR head mount (e.g. Google Cardboard)


SpaceAdventureVR.apk 55 MB

Install instructions

Download and run the .apk. Enjoy!

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